Module 7: Addiction

It’s an addiction, so it’s not my fault – right?

Wrong – the first time you looked at sexual images of children you knew it was wrong, you weren’t addicted then but you went back and did it again. This is because you prioritised the pleasure you got over the harm it caused others and each time you went back you could still have chosen a different path. Yes, it will have got harder to stop over time but you still had a choice. What’s important is that you now see this and are doing something about it.

So if you have recognised an addictive element to your offending, you need to understand more about it. Why do you think your use of the internet became addictive? What emotions were you avoiding/covering up?

You will need to look at reasons or motivations behind your addiction. You have already started looking at motivations for your offending and triggers to your behaviour. Think about the following questions:

  1. Have I ever had other addictions such as alcohol, drugs, gambling?
  2. Do I always use quick fixes (sex, drugs, alcohol, gambling) to feel better?
  3. If I didn’t get a rewarding feeling from my online behaviour why did I repeat it?
  4. What was happening in my life at the times my addiction was at its worst? (it can help to look back to your life line from module 1)


It is quite common that people replace one addiction with another. Be aware of this and if you have found that you have had other addictions in the past or other current addictions you may need to get specific support to address these. There are a number of organisations that may be helpful for specific addictions, such as Sex Addicts Anonymous (SAA), Alcoholic Anonymous (AA), Gamblers Anonymous (GA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA).

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