Module 17: Building a Good Life


  • Build a fulfilling life where you no longer feel the need to offend!

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So this may seem like a big task but it can help to break down the different aspects of your life into sections and tackle each one in small manageable steps.

Goal setting

Avoidant and Approach Goals

Approach goals: these are things or states that you want to achieve and fixed on success e.g. I want to run 10km. They are therefore more motivational and working towards them makes you happier and more successful.

Avoidant goals: these are things you try to avoid, or not do e.g. I will stop eating chocolate. Avoidant focused people are constantly scanning their environment for threats.

Often both approach and avoidant goals are necessary for making positive changes. The relapse prevention section focused on thoughts or actions to avoid or be alert to, now we are going to focus on setting your approach goals.


So how do you identify the parts of your life you need to work on and what goals you want to set?


Good Lives Model

A really good approach uses the Good Lives Model developed by Tony Ward (a psychologist) and colleagues. The model breaks down the states of mind, personal characteristics, activities or experiences that are sought by people and, if achieved, they are likely to increase psychological well-being. He calls these needs that people try to achieve primary goods. The primary goods are personal to the individual and therefore will differ according to the kind of person the individual would like to be. The diagram below shows the primary goods Ward has outlined.

A Good Life diagram

For full descriptions of each section, please see below: 

You can find out more about the Good Lives Model from the following book: Ward, T., Laws, D.R., & Hudson, S.M. (2004) (Eds.). Sexual Deviance: Issues and Controversies. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.

Alternatively, you can go to (a website that Tony Ward has created to provide information on the model).



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