Module 17: Building a Good Life


You’ve learnt:

  • What ‘goods’ are important to you
  • Which ones you tried to meet online 

You know:

  • You can meet them in other ways
  • How to start generating ideas to overcome obstacles 

But you also know:

  • Some goals take time and perseverance
  • And you’ll need to continue to review and set goals in the future to continue building a ‘good life’.


So think about what you have achieved and focus on what changes you need to make. You might need to go back through some of the self-help modules a few times, or seek support from other people or places, but you are here now and therefore clearly motivated to make changes. So use the skills you have and what you have learnt to be the person you want to be and have a fulfilling and good life!


If you want to discuss anything covered in this module, have struggled with working through the self-help material or just want the opportunity to work through the self-help site with a practitioner to guide you then please call the Stop It Now! Helpline for confidential support from our trained staff.


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