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Posted Fri July 10, 2020 3:01pmReport post

Hello Everyone,

We know that some people have used this forum to exchange their usernames on other forums, such as Mumsnet, so that they can direct message one another on another forum and exchange more personal information. While we know that some people have found this enormously helpful and supportive, we are also aware that this has not been everyone’s experience. To be really clear, because this is an open, public forum and anyone can read these posts, we strongly advise you not to share the username you use on other forums on this site. By doing so, you could be placing yourself at risk. For example, someone with abusive intentions could use this information to direct message you on another forum. They could send you abusive messages or, worse still, try to meet up with you. Please be careful.

We know this may be frustrating for some of you. However, we have a responsibility to ensure this forum is as safe as possible and we do not want anyone to share any information that has the potential to harm them.

Thank you for your understanding.

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