Module 6: Fantasy


This module aims to help you to:

  • Raise awareness of your current sexual and non-sexual fantasies
  • Recognise and reflect on the link between your fantasies and your online behaviour

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What is a fantasy?

Do you ever think about winning the lottery? How would you spend the money? Where would you go?

This is one example of a fantasy. A fantasy is something that is imagined.

Why do people have fantasies?

Fantasies can be about a variety of different things and everybody will have their own reasons for engaging in a fantasy…

  • For some, a fantasy will give them confidence, increased self-assurance and a sense of control over a situation by letting them rehearse how they will deal with a situation.
  • For others, it may be a form of stress release (escapism) or a way to experience things that they wouldn’t in everyday life (that lottery win).
  • Negative fantasies can be a way people try to cope and prepare themselves for something they fear will happen, or a way of punishing themselves.
  • Some people use sexual fantasies as a form of sexual outlet; often if they are not meeting their sexual needs within a relationship.

A fantasy can have…..

  • Positive outcomes: for example imagining achieving an award or winning a competition.
  • Negative outcomes: for example if a partner does not return home on time, imaging that they have been in a car accident.

Some fantasies are…..

  • Planned, rehearsed and used repeatedly by a person e.g. scoring a world cup goal.
  • Triggered by an emotional response or an external stimulus e.g. replaying bad day at work.
  • Sometimes a person’s thoughts stray and it takes them a short time to realise they are fantasising and not doing what they are supposed to be doing.



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