Module 5: Images Are Children

Exercise 3: Effects on you

PART A: How would you feel about being there? Where do you draw the line?

Now consider how you would feel about how close you could get to the child abuse taking place.  At what point does it become unacceptable for you? Draw a line between where you would and would not be able to voluntarily go forward with the action.

Explain why you have placed your line where you did.

  • Finding images or downloading links and not reporting them to the police
  • Watching/looking and trading the videos and images on your computer
  • Listening to the abuse through a wall from a different room
  • Seeing the abuse through a window
  • Standing in the room and watching the abuse take place
  • Being the person taking the video/photographs or directing the action
  • Actively participating in the abuse 


What might this tell you about downloading Sexual Images of Children?


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