Module 9: Online Relationships

We all have an idea of how we come across to other people. How we act can be affected by the situation we are in and the people we are with. Think about how you might present differently at work compared to being with friends and how this may change again around family members. People have also described feeling that they can be very different online compared to how they are ‘in the real world’.

Offline vs Online 

How would you describe yourself offline? (Make a note of all that apply, and any other words which describe you)

Offline me

How would you describe yourself online? (Make a note of all that apply, and any other words which describe you)

Online me

What differences do you note between your online and offline selves? Are there qualities about your online self that you like and wish you could transfer into the real world? Make a note of them and they can be a start point for goals you set in planning for a good life.

So why are we different online?

It is often easier to relate to others online. They may share our interests, support us in a sense of being accepted and make us feel important or powerful. Unless we choose to let others online see us, as we really are, we can pretend to be whoever we want to be. Online relationships in some ways make fewer demands.


It was a complete different world, it was completely separate to my life.


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