If you are accessing this site then we assume you work with people who have been arrested or convicted of internet-related sexual offences or their family members.  Or perhaps you simply want to know a little more about the subject.

There are many different sexual offences that people commit via the internet, for example, downloading and sharing sexual images of children, engaging directly with children, via online ‘chat’ or webcams, in a sexual way, or taking part in the ‘live streaming’ of the sexual abuse of a child.  The rate of technological change means that the internet and how we use it and access it are changing too.  This change often creates new opportunities to be exploited by people who have a sexual interest in children.

The following pages provide:

  • Guidance and support for professionals about the criminal justice process, the involvement of Children’s Services and the importance of multi-agency working.
  • References for up-to-date research on the subject.
  • Discussion about difficult aspects of the work, such as how to talk to young people who have been affected by a parent who has been arrested.
  • Information about the potential impact this area of work can have on professionals.

This website has two further sections: one provides self-help material for people worried about their behaviour, and one provides information and advice for friends or family members who are concerned or affected by someone else’s behaviour. This material may also be relevant for your work.  Please direct people for whom it might be helpful to this site and you are welcome to use the materials in your work with them. All the self-help exercises can be printed off.

If there is further information you require please contact the Stop It Now! free and confidential helpline - 0808 1000 900.



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