Module 16: Relapse Prevention


You’ve got this far – well done.  We hope you’ve stopped offending.  We know you want to and we know you want it to stay that way…but that can be hard.  This module is going to:

  • Help stop you falling back into bad old ways
  • Try to keep you getting moving forward positively in life

And before you get started on this module, you can watch this short video. It features a man who describes some of the steps he has taken to help prevent him relapsing into offending. 

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In other words, this section is all about relapse prevention – how to prevent a relapse and, if the worst comes to the worst and you do slip, how to pick yourself up and get building again.

We think you’ve learnt a lot about what yourself and what you’ve been doing by now.  This is where we pull all that together. 

You’ve learnt: 

  • How you used illegal images
  • Why you used illegal images  – or at least some of the reasons why 

You know:

  • Sexual images of children harm children – no excuses, no denial 
  • Sexual images of children harm you and people around you

But you also know:

  • Things we do again and again become habits
  • And habits are hard to break.


So stopping yourself from offending again might seem difficult but think about what you’ve achieved so far. 

  • You came here because you wanted to stop offending.
  • You’ve learnt a lot about yourself and your behaviour.
  • You’ve challenged thoughts and feelings which led to your offending.


And that gives you the POWER to THINK differently, FEEL differently and ACT better. 


The following sections should give you the understanding and tools you need to stop you slipping…and the support you need just in case you do.



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