Module 15: Self-Talk


This module aims to help you explore and gain understanding of:

  • Self-talk
  • Positive and negative Self-Talk (thinking)
  • How to change negative Self-Talk in to positive Self-Talk’

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What you say to yourself in your mind is called self-talk. It can have a really great impact on your self-esteem and confidence. How you talk to yourself in your mind affects:

  • your attitude
  • your feelings
  • your self-image
  • your behaviour
  • your view of the world

We can talk to ourselves in negative and positive ways

Starting Point

Identify your current level of knowledge and understanding around your use of self-talk (1 = very little understanding; 2 = some understanding; 3 = secure understanding).

I have a clear understanding of the self-talk messages I give myself. 1 2 3
I can see how my self-talk gives me permission to access sexual images of children. 1 2 3
I understand how to start changing my self-talk. 1 2 3

If you have scored yourself as 1 or 2, then this module will be particularly helpful for you.

Negative self-talk

There are two kinds of negative self-talk; the kind that justifies inappropriate or unhealthy behaviour and the type that makes you feel useless or small.

Examples of self-talk that justify inappropriate or unhealthy behaviour:

Negative self talk - unhealthy behaviour


Examples of self-talk statements that make you feel useless or small include:

Negative self-talk - low self-esteem


Negative self-talk =

  • negative attitude
  • negative feelings
  • negative self-image
  • negative behaviour
  • a negative view of the world

Positive self-talk

There are two kinds of positive self-talk- the kind that encourages healthy behaviour and the kind that enhances your self-esteem.

Examples of self-talk that encourage healthy behaviour:

Positive self-talk - healthy behaviour


Examples of self-talk that enhances your self-esteem:

Positive self-talk - enhance self esteem


Positive self-talk =

  • positive attitude
  • positive feelings
  • positive self-image
  • positive behaviour
  • a positive view of the world


Positive self-talk will help you to make positive changes in your life.



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