Module 4: Taking Responsibility

Here are some suggestions which can help increase your feelings of control:

Changes to your environment:                                                                         

  • moving your computer to a high traffic more public area of the home to make it less likely that you will access pornography;
  • changing your employment if your current job brings you into contact with children;
  • having a photo of your partner/children next to your computer so you think of them and what you are risking by accessing sexual images of children

Changes to your computer:                                                                             

  • having security software installed on your laptop so that you cannot access pornography;
  • having a picture of a place you want to visit or prison bars as your screen saver or wallpaper (this can act as an incentive not to offend or a reminder of the consequences if you do);
  • entrusting PC password to another person to limit access;
  • set your password to be a reminder of something you would lose if you offend on-line;

Changes to when you go online:                                                                   

  • only use computer when others are in the room or in public places where you would not access the material;
  • only use the computer for specific purposes such as internet banking, do not allow yourself to ‘browse’;
  • unplug your wireless router at night so you have to make more effort to go on-line and therefore have more time to think about and stop what you are doing;
  • get a mobile phone without internet access;


Exercise 1: What I can do.

Make a list of three things you can do to immediately reduce your risk of accessing sexual images of children, e.g.:

  1. Move computer
  2. Install security software
  3. Switch wifi off after 8pm





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