Module 4: Taking Responsibility


This module aims to help you explore and gain understanding of the following:

  • Your level of control over your current online sexual behaviours
  • How you have used denial to allow your problematic behaviour to continue
  • How to make immediate changes to start the change process

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Anxiety is often a response to feeling out of control. When we feel we have lost control, we often attempt to regain it. When we fail, we feel a deep loss and our anxiety starts to build. This feeling can be overwhelming. It causes us to feel uneasy, discontented, and lost because we are always looking for something else to make us feel better. We often turn to short term fixes such as alcohol, drugs, gambling or sex to feel better. Sometimes these behaviours then start to feel they are out of our control.

Starting Point

Identify your past and current level of control (1 = very little control; 2 = some control; 3 = strong control).

My behaviour at the beginning of my Internet offending. 1 2 3
My behaviour as my on-line behaviour progressed. 1 2 3
My time spent on-line now 1 2 3
My time spent using adult pornography now 1 2 3
My time spent on accessing indecent images now 1 2 3

What do you notice about how your control has changed from when you first started looking at sexual images of children until now?


How does feeling out of control affect your mood?


How in control would you like to be in a year’s time?


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I was concerned there was literally no end. I was caught in a trap.


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